Facing the Giants Recap

Water’s Edge Family,

Facing the Giants movie has proved to be a great blessing around the country and yes even here in Lake Country. God drew nearly 300 folks out to see one of the three showings that were offered in Clarksville, Boydton, and Chase City. Some folks were so blessed they came to more than one showing and some even brought back guests. The responses after the showing spoke of gratitude and joy having been blessed by a God-centered cinema production.

Another blessing from the showings resulted in close to $600.00 being raised to help support the local volunteer Fire Departments. Praise God for Sherwood Baptist Church stepping out in faith to create this movie, praise God for the response here in Lake Country, and praise God for all circumstances that happen in our lives–for no matter the situation, we can trust in Him, for He is always faithful and always worthy of worship! Coach Taylor couldn’t have said it better–“if we win, we worship, if we loose, we worship“!

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